You Can Help Vulnerable Children Across Africa

Amitofo Care Center aims to help break the cycle of poverty for vulnerable children in Africa. Donor funds are directly channelled into improving the lives for parentless children by offering a safe and friendly environment with shelter, healthy food, quality education, clean drinking water, and medical support. These children will be with us from kindergarten right up to Year 12, developing relevant life skills and being part of a nurturing, supportive community.

Your funds help foster the conditions necessary for these children to have the opportunities for a better future. It goes beyond just buying them books or providing them food and water; it’s about building the proper infrastructure for constant access to food, water, sanitation, and education. It’s about ensuring they have the right educators and carers to provide them a wholesome and positive environment to spend their developing years in. We strive to give them access to all that they need to build an independent future for themselves.

Donate today or get in touch with Amitofo Care Center to find out more about how you can help!