An Opportunity to See the World and Bridge Gaps Between Cultures

Starting from 2007, during the summer and winter school break selected children from ACC have had the opportunity to participate in humanitarian mission tours — financially supported by various sources. These tours aim to raise awareness on what these children are going through and to shed light on the different ways our ACC campuses provide education — especially through showcasing the amalgamation of Eastern & Western cultures with the native African culture.

The children have a chance to showcase their skills and talents in different performances, plus they have the opportunity to visit various countries. They are given the platform to share their own culture with many other parts of the world whilst learning about different cultures themselves — closing the gap between continents.

By interacting with local students, the children from ACC learn how to embrace diversity and understand different perspectives and ways of life. In return, the local students are given the opportunity to understand a different culture and a whole different lived experience from their own. These diversity rich touring programs teach children from all backgrounds about interdependence, equality, and compassion — highlighting the importance of diversity in cultivating peace and respect.