Our Impact

Impactful Development for A Better Future

Amitofo Care Center does more than just provide immediate help to those at risk. We focus on a long-term strategy that ensures these children have the tools and develop the skills to provide for themselves and their family well into the future.

Aside from basic necessities like food, water, sanitation, and shelter, Amitofo Care Center focuses on providing these children with a childhood that can help them flourish, enhance their skills, and nurture their talents and capabilities. Our schools provide a combination of local curriculum and physical education, as well as teaching English and Chinese languages to prepare them to be international players in this globalised world.

Stories of changes

Creating a Space for Opportunities & Accessibility

One of the biggest issues children face as a result of the adversity that comes from war and oppression is that they can get trapped in the cycle of poverty. Amitofo Care Center works hard to break that cycle for vulnerable children across different African nations.

We are constantly innovating and improving our boarding schools to provide a holistic education that has a tangible impact in the way these children move forward into the future. Our programs with these children directly line up with the first six Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.

Amitofo Care Center rely on funding from generous private donors from various countries. We work with local communities, relevant departments, and rely on donated land to get our centers up and running.

One of the root causes for poverty is knowledge. Amitofo Care Center does all it can to fill this gap by building an entire system for good education; not just in terms of reading and writing but developing the critical thinking skills and encouraging innovative thinking so that these children can become future leaders for their nations.

The world is far smaller than it seems. The legacy we leave behind is one that impacts those in corners furthest from ours as it only serves to pull us closer together.

Change a child's life through child sponsorship & Build-a-classroom 


Amitofo Care Center aims to improve the quality of life for as many vulnerable children as we can.

  • Education

    The power of education is being able to give these children the independence to build a future of their own choosing.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition goes a long way in healthy development of the mind, body, and soul. Access to good and healthy food is a basic right every child should have.

  • Disability

    Everyone should have the right to be part of their society in meaningful ways. We want all of these children to know they have value and importance in this world.

  • Water, Sanitation
    Water, Sanitation

    Clean water and efficient sanitation is the stepping stone for children and individuals to have an adequate quality of life.

  • Humanitarian

    We are born into situations we didn’t choose to be part of. That’s why as a collective, humanity should do all we can to help those in vulnerable situations.

  • Advocacy

    These children deserve a voice and a platform to ask for what they need and fight for a better future for their nation.

Our Videos

Building boarding school campuses across African nations, we aim to bring a holistic environmental change to ensure the vulnerable children in these countries get the care they deserve.

A Flap of a Butterfly’s Wing Can Cause A Wave Halfway Around the World

  • The smallest action, a tiny smile
  • That first step paves the way for bigger, grander, and
  • More meanningful changes around the world.
  • Take the first step with Amitofo Care Center today.

We Invest Benefactors Funds with Immediate Impact to

    • - Vulnerable Children\'s Rights to Safe Growing Environment
    • - Quality Education
    • - Health Care
    • - Shelter
    • - Food
    • - Sanitation

Vulnerable Children's Rights to Safe Growing Environment, Quality Education, Health Care, Shelter, Food, and Sanitation.

Where the funds go

We fully utilize and channel the funds to the respective international program activities to empower vulnerable children and ensure they receive the maximum benefits in terms of food, water, care, shelter and quality education.