Helping Children in Vulnerable and Risky Situations

When a child has been born into an environment surrounded by natural calamities, disasters, extreme poverty, and unrest, they lose something so poignant and necessary for their future — the right to a good quality of life and a good education.

Those early years of life are so important in helping us prepare to handle the world; they contain fundamental developments that allow us to build opportunities for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones. All of us have the right to be able to access food, water, sanitation, safety, and education. Amitofo Care Center understand the difficult and unfair circumstances that have been thrust upon vulnerable children in African nations, which is why we are committed to giving them the help they need to bloom and achieve the life they want.

We are committed to both helping in terms of charity and aid for basic necessities as well as a proper educational environment for learning and development. We want children to get the necessary skills so they can help contribute to their future and the future of their nation.

Creating an Entire Ecosystem

Each of our ACC campuses are clad with administrative offices, boys and girls dormitories, primary and secondary schools, along with a kindergarten, a library, central dining hall, and a multipurpose center for activities. The campuses also have a clinic and have spaces to provide vocational training and religious studies. We want to build a complete environment for these children, so that all of their needs can be met.

To this day, ACC campuses have adopted around 1,200 children; aside from that we also work with other community-based organizations to support more than 19,000 vulnerable children in surrounding districts.

Building Familial Relationships & Nurturing Classrooms

Amitofo Care Center creates an environment that allows these children to be part of a family: for every 20 children are matched with two local nannies and one guardian teacher. These educators work together to provide each child with the education they deserve while also looking out for their needs and demands on a regular basis. Our care goes beyond just the standard classroom teachings, and we ensure the children feel safe and happy so they can blossom.

However, we also provide them with a more formal education. Within these villages and boarding areas, Amitofo Care Center builds a formal school ground: Yuan Tong School. This is where the children get their formal primary and secondary school levels of education, as well as learning their local language, English, Mandarin, and the ethics and values of Buddhism.

Amitofo Care Center ensures that children are given the opportunity to learn and embrace their own cultures whilst preparing them for a globalized future with broadened perspectives of western and traditional Chinese cultures.

We empower them and plan that, by helping them whilst they’re still in the development stages, these children can secure the future of their native land along with breaking the cruel cycle of poverty.