Inspire Change Around the World

Sometimes being stuck in a corporate job with all its stressors and challenges can make us lose sight of the big picture. Give yourself and your fellow colleagues the opportunity to learn about a whole new lived experience.

We welcome corporations from around the world to our ACC campuses to learn more about what we do and see the direct impacts of your donations.

Read about our campus visits here (link to newsroom).

Put Your Company’s Values into Practice

This is a great opportunity to show real-world applications of your company values. Your employees will have the chance to develop critical skills and understand the importance of sustainable development.

It’s also a way to set your organisation apart by complementing your CSR efforts with volunteer programs such as this one. It helps generate new ideas and broadens your employees’ perspective on the world. And you can demonstrate to your clients and investors that you truly are a company that gives back.

Amitofo Care Center is also a registered charity making your donations tax deductable — for both corporations and individuals.

Become a Truly Global Company by Making a Global Impact

Our world today is becoming far more interconnected and interdependent. As individuals and corporations that have the privilege to access things like food, water, safety, and education the least we can do is help those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

ACC is committed to providing personal and school-based education programs that balance the development of mind, body, and soul. We strive for a framework that empowers the younger generation to change their destinies and improve the fate of their fellow Africans.

But our dedication, commitment, and altruism is not enough. We need the support of communities and organisations like yours to help us continue our work and improve the lives of children who would otherwise have a far more limited future.

Do you want to become a global leader and take actionable steps for a global impact? Talk to us today to find out how you can become a benefactor for Amitofo Care Center.