Building nurturing and positive communities that will serve as family units and educational institutions for orphans and vulnerable children across African nations.



A safe and caring environment for holistic education for Every Child, Every Day.



  • A high-quality education for vulnerable children by using a combination of local curriculum, English and Mandarin — while following the principles and ethics of Buddhism
  • Provide a complete living environment that helps to dismantle the cycle of poverty including access to clean water, safety, and efficient sanitation
  • Ensuring these children have good health and wellbeing by including programs that help with their mental health like meditation
  • Eliminate hunger by providing food but also teaching these children how to ensure their communities stay resilient
  • Enhance gender equality by highlighting gender disparities and providing young girls with the skills and tools to thrive
  • Ensure these children maintain close ties to their tribe, family, and culture


  • Learning: Creating a community in which children can be educated
  • Relationships: Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with surrounding villages and local communities in order to preserve indigenous African culture
  • Integrity: Activities must always be conducted with honesty and responsibility
  • Accountability: Demonstrate personal and institutional accountability. Provide for each child's education. Ethical conduct will be adhered to, as will mandates, policies, and procedures
  • Respect: Promote a community that knows the value of people and cultures through the practice of Buddhism
  • Service: Delivering compassion and a philosophy of loving and kindness to all